Sunday, April 27, 2014

Predictions - I'm not good at them

Hi everyone!

On the 25th of January I showed you my plan, which was, with hindsight, as wrong as it could be. It looked like this:

27.01. InGame-Setup (Starting the level/map - setting of players, buildings, mines, etc.)
29.01. BASIC Interaction (sending them around) with RTSUnits (Workers, Warriors etc.) 
19.02. Complex interaction with Workers - Building things
22.02. Running Inventory-System
26.02. Menu
14.03. Complex interaction with Warriors - Attacking
20.03. Complex interaction with Heros - Casting spells
23.03. GameOver/Won - conditions
28.03. Multiplayer Setup

Well, I sticked to the plan for the first 5 points or so, then, I slowly noticed there is now way to keep up with it. The reason is simple. A day only has 24 hours - screw you earth, rotate slower - and I would need some more. A typical day for me looks, on average, like this:

6 h of sleep
1 h to get the day started (coffee, shower, newspaper, walking the dog etc.)
5 h of work for my company
3 h of studying at the university
1 h of studying at home (ie. preparing for tests)
3 h of working for this game
1 h of working for different projects
4 h with my girlfriend                                                                                        
24 h

As you can see, I'm on a pretty tight schedule, I barely find the time to do something other than work, and it's pretty exhausting. And still, I'm only a month behind my plan. (Compare that to the 19 centuries that Jesus is behind his plan ^^ ) Now, even though my plans are bad, I somehow need them, so that I don't fall in a hole of procrastination.

So, I propose a new timeline to finish this project, this time a more realistic one:

  • The Hero System
    • Walking                          
    • Attacking                        
    • Special attack                 31.04.2014
  • The Fighting System
    • Position Players                           
    • Differentiate them            
    • Fight between them         
    • Winning conditions          03.05.2014
  • Campaign
    • The forest                        
    • The Ridge                       18.05.2014
    • The Burning Mountain     
    • The Glacier                     12.05.2014
  • Copy the above two to the        10.05.2014
    Human side
  • Update main menu
    • Campaign menu               29.04.2014
    • Multiplayer menu             16.05.2014
    • Config menu                    02.05.2014
    • Shop menu                      20.05.2014
    • Award menu                   25.05.2014  
  • Multiplayer
    • Serverside                       15.05.2014
    • Clientside                        16.05.2014
    • Ingame                            20.05.2014
  • Finish the game
    • Sounds                           10.06.2014
    • Effects                            14.06.2014
    • Testing                            07.07.2014

Alright, that sounds like a plan, hopefully I can stick to it this time.

What are your thoughts on timelines. Do you just work on what comes to your mind, or do you have a full plan of everything you're gonna do before you actually do anything?

Thanks for reading!

  • Write a post in bed      


  1. You're very welcome. Sometime during the next two weeks I'll make a video-tutorial on map design, where I'll make the newest map: "The Ridge", so you might wanna check that out.

    Best Regards