Monday, April 14, 2014

A new map, a hero, Screenshots...

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'm currently working on the first orc Hero as well as on a second map, "The Burning Mountain".

I think this is gonna be a productive week, as I do not have to attend university for the next three weeks. (I have to work though). If everything works out as I hope, you'll get severall updates this week.

Back to the game! Slowly, but notably, this project is getting closer to being finished. But, it still misses something important.... the story!
Since a game completely without story won't work, I'm trying to make something up, but I guess that is not something I'm particularly good at, so if someone has an idea, PLEASE contact me!

Now, to the screenshots!

I like the combination of orcs and lava, what do you think?

As you can see the main theme is Lava. Although the design isn't completely finished, I think it's ok for now.

Another view, from a different angle.

And for the last screenshot, the first hero! If you look closely you will find that it is just a modification of the warrior model, but it works quite well this way. All heros will have some special ability, this one will get some sort of "earthquake" attack. So that if he hits the ground with his axe, it ripples and breaks hurting all around him.

Thats it for today, hope you have a nice and productive week.

Thanks for reading!