Monday, January 27, 2014


Yay! Milestone number 1: The map design and Setup is finished!
What happens is basically this:

Player enters level, the StartScript chooses a position for him, creates a startbuilding (the townhall) there, the townhall then produces a worker, and leaves the rest to the player. This is basically where the game takes off. The whole thing looks like this:

Or like this:

depending wether you play Orc or Human. Not bad eh? The menu you see down there is from the townhall, which is selected in the images.

So, to summarize what I did today:

  • Set the player/camera to one of 4 positions at gamestart
  • Automaticly build the start-building/townhall there.
  • Set the inventory to start values
  • Give that building a menu to build something (in that case a worker)
  • Give that building some variables, like "health", even though that term is probably wrong in that case

Well, thats  it already for today! Tomorrow I'll probably try to let the workers be "movable", meaning that the player can send them around (Which means they have to me selectable/multiselectable first). And, if I find the time they should start mining, even though I think thats some work for wednesday.

Thanks for reading, arrivederci!

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