Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's get this started

First off, a few things about me:

I'm Alexander, 23, from Graz - Austria. I'm currently working as a Programmer for a local company, besides being a student, and did start my own company back in November last year. But, let me start a bit earlier!

When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I first got interested in creating my own games. Back then I made my first steps like everyone else, with the the RPGMaker2k. This tool was great for learning, but soon enough I wanted more, at least one more dimension. So I (or lets say my mother) bought an edition of the GameStudio3D. In hindsight this was probably one of the most important things in my life, since it made me learn programming, which I do for a living today. From age 15 on, I stopped trying to create games, I had other things - like everyone this age - in mind. This was the case till about 16 months ago, where I had an idea, and said to myself "Fuck it, let's do this". It took me till December of the last year - about 2500 hours o f work, and way to much money for licenses, the server, etc... - to finish it. But I did, even though I have to admit it's a bit buggy - I'm still trying to improve it. Here's the trailer:

As you see, I decided to develop for mobile platforms. Why? Because- with a lot of work - you can compete with big companies in terms of graphics, which is not unimportant. At least that was my reason.

Now, after a month of relaxing, I'm starting something new, a fast strategy game with the name "Pocket Crusades".And this is going to be the development blog for this.

Tomorrow I will tell you what it will be about, show you parts of my development plan, and give you some insights into how to make a decent looking game - alone!

Thanks for reading!

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