Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm way too tired!

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

First off all I want to apologize for the long pause in my posts, it's not that I haven't been working on this project, I just do not find the time to make an extensive post about everything that has happened since the last time. So here's a quick summary, maybe I'll find the time to go into more detail the next few days:

  • Orc Hero
  • Orc Tower
  • Hero Spell
  • Mana/Rage System for the Orc
  • Particle-Sound-System - I'll definitly make a post + tutorial on that one, could be interesting for anyone using Unity. It's very easy: Let all the ParticleSystem have the possibility to add a sound that get's played alongside the System. Also show/play it in the editor to make it easy finding the right one.
  • Human Start Building
  • Human Hut
  • Human Barracks
  • Human Tower
  • Human Worker
  • Human Archer
  • Human Warrior
  • Human Oracle
  • Basicly the complete Local-Game System
  • ParticleEffects for Arrows (Archer & Tower)

In addition to that I have now pretty much everything planned on paper and in writing, and will soon create a little Guide or Manual for the Game.

But I still have a lot of work to do, here's my list for this week:

  • food has to be reduced when dead!
  • (Maybe) Highlight the selected unit some other way?! (Halo?)
  • Only ONE! Hero (of one kind) alive at a time
  • When hero did perform special attack, set ANGER/Mana to zero
  • Terrain performance sucks, try making it a mesh (T4M?)
  • Multi selector doesnt work now that race is implemented
  • Hero hit needs sound
  • Turn off NavMeshAgent when close to mine (Turn on after)
  • Remove as much transparency as possible
    •  Selected  Ring
    •  Effects?
    • StartUp? (Building etc)
  • Add voices... Eg:
    • On attack: "Get him", "Kill him"
    • On hit: "Arrgh", "Uh"
    • On kill: "Yeah"
    • On Select: "What?", "Yes?", "Why are you bothering me?"
    • On Build/mine: "Sure" (Annoyed), "Okay", "Hmpf", "Do this, do that...", "Gimme a break"
    • On finish build:"And now?", "My work is done!"
  • Add sounds... Eg:
    • During build: Saw and Hammer
And that was just a summary. But, the game is making good progress, even though it costs me (way) too much sleep. Well, enough for today.

Thanks for reading, good night!

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